Scotts Run Trail Granted the 2021 APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Project of the Year Award

The Scotts Run Trail project won the 2021 APWA Mid-Atlantic Chapter’s Project of the Year Award in the Transportation Less than $5 Million category. LPDA was a member of this multi-disciplinary team to complete this project supporting the design of trail alignment, vegetative and environmental requirements.

The new Scotts Run Trail, which opened to the public on February 4th, connects the Pimmit Hills neighborhood with the McLean Metro Station in Tysons. Construction on the trail began in July 2019 and was completed at the end of 2020.

The 2,500-foot-long asphalt trail, which complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, has a curvy design and ranges from 8 to 10 feet wide.  Encouraging use by families in the area, the trail offers safety features such as lighting, signage and handrails, as well as two steel-frame bridges for crossing over Scotts Runs and one of its tributaries.

The addition of this trail not only makes it easier for residents to get outside for walking and biking, but also adds to the sustainable routes of transportation in the area. Thousands of residents will now be able to use the trail to get to the Metro and then into Tysons.  Giving people alternatives to driving is important for the long-term sustainability of the area, as well as for the residents’ personal health. It’s a win-win project that enhances the community’s quality of life and impacts the environment in a positive way.