Westmoore is a 599-unit townhouse TOD located in Loudoun County, Virginia. This community is located just minutes from the last stop of the Silver Line metro station that is extending into Loudoun County and designed to include multiple bus routes. This community is located in the outer core of the PD-TRC district which was created specifically for this area and connection to the metro. This project is currently under construction.


  • The Planner and the Landscape Architect
  • Worked with the Client and Consulting Team to create a theme that would link the rural Loudoun County feel with the urban density that the metro station brings.


  • The site features 3 large parks:
  • Westmoore park – contemporary urban park
  • Evermoore Park – natural playground which includes embedded slides, tunnels, climbing walls, bridges and more.
  • Linear Park – green spine linking Westmoore and Evermoore featuring raised planters, benches, hardscape plazas and small open space pockets to connect the northern and southern portions of the project

LPDA is proud to be an integral part of this community’s plan approval process and landscape architecture. LPDA refined site plans, prepared marketing graphics, and has been preparing design and construction documentation for all of the community’s amenities, including Westmoore Park, Evermoore Park, and the Westmoore Clubhouse. In fact, Westmoore includes an entire interconnected system of parks and open spaces, integrated with each neighborhood, common areas, and a community trail system. Our landscape architecture and graphics work are a big part of the communities branding and sales. The quality of the planning and design work LPDA staff put into the project speaks for itself and is prominently featured on the Westmoore website and twitter feed.


Ashburn, VA
Landscape Architecture, Planning & Urban Design, Construction Administration, Marketing Graphics and Animations
65 Acres