Middleburg Comprehensive Planning and Streetscape

Middleburg is a bustling historic town in southern Loudoun County. The area is well known for its large farms and equestrian lifestyle. The town features many historic buildings and its small town boutique shops thrive in this destination setting.

Federal and Marshall Street Triangle
The intersections of Federal and Marshall Street in the Town of Middleburg had long been a problematic jumble of vehicular movements and dangerous pedestrian interactions. As the intersection into Town from Foxcroft Road, it also carries high volumes of traffic.

Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team LPDA developed a solution to restricted turning movements and develop the ‘triangle’ space into a landscape amenity. This solution clarified traffic patterns, clearly identified pedestrian crossings, and signed the vehicular and pedestrian movements to modern standards. Pavers and concrete curbs were added as well as extensive landscape. The resulting project also allows for move visible pedestrian movements.
LPDA worked with the team to gain approvals by the Town and the Virginia Department of Transportation, the source of the project funding. LPDA was also involved in construction administration for landscape related items.

Washington Street Streetlights
The Town had in the past been lit by large, out of scale, highway style lights with concrete poles. LPDA worked with the Town to develop plans and select the appropriate light and light pole to enable the Town to use the street lights as necessary for displaying flags, banners and Christmas decorations that are hung yearly for the Town Holiday parade.

Throughout this process LPDA coordinated with consultants on a Streetscape Improvement project that was happening simultaneously to locate the lights in the best place for businesses and pedestrians.

LPDA facilitated the plans by working with the Town and lighting representatives to best represent the historic culture of the Town while incorporating the latest regulations for the International Dark Sky Association.

The construction process resulted in minimal disturbance and was completed in summer of 2016.

Comprehensive Sign Plan
US Route 50 bisects the town and brings travelers from both local and regional areas as well as national and international areas for recreational, cultural and historic events.

LPDA is working with the Town and VDOT to create a wayfinding and signage package that will bring a sense of place to the Town as well as reduce signage clutter from existing signage. The new signs will be more inline with the boutiques and businesses that use creative signs to help liven the community and provide a pleasant pedestrian and vehicular experience.

LPDA worked through designs with the Town Council to select types of signs, sign colors, locations, and content. The design of the signs was to be in keeping with the new streetscape design and light poles that were recently installed as well as being historic in design. This project is in submission to VDOT.

Comprehensive Plan Updates
LPDA is current supporting the Town’s Comprehensive Planner on updates to design graphics and vignettes related to long term planning goals in the Town. With the success of Washington Street, many of the team’s efforts have focused on parking, walk-ability and the future redevelopment of Federal Street. LPDA’s efforts have focused on streetscape planning and overhead utility issues.


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Town of Middleburg
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