Gordonsville Main Street

Gordonsville is the quintessential central Virginia Town, growing around a business district and railroad. More recent years brought the typical disinvestment and subsequent reinvestment in downtown buildings and businesses. Main Street had become an old, relic that did not match the vibrancy of the current business environment.

LPDA was hired to lead a multidisciplinary team in charge of renovating Main Street. Plans included the reconfiguration of on-street parking, lane and intersection improvements, sidewalks and pedestrian circulation, addition of café spaces, gateway signage, street trees, street furniture, and period lighting, all with the goal of enhancing the ambiance and functionality of the business district. LPDA coordinated all environmental documentation, right of way and plan approvals with VDOT, local officials and property owners. The resulting plan has provided a new image and continued renaissance for the Town that everyone is excited to be a part of.


Gordonsville, VA
The Town of Gordonsville
Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, NEPA documentation, VDOT Approvals
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