Exit 150 Land Use Study

Exit 150 on Interstate 81 represents a loose assemblage of land uses, transportation corridors and underutilized property.  For better or worse it serves as a major gateway to Botetourt County.

LPDA was hired as part of a consultant team to evaluate the highest and best uses for the study area and to develop strategies and initiatives to guide future development of the area. Initiatives were developed to increase economic activity, promote local character, enhance connectivity and create a pattern of future development which by form and function created a better aesthetic, gateway and provide amenity and value.

Working closely with the lead economic consultant (RKG) and County leadership, LPDA provided planning, meeting facilitation and design services for the study area. Our work included facilitating design and programming charrettes and translating economically feasible land use and transportation programs into real and implementable places. Our deliverables included land plans and yield analysis for the land bays surrounding the interchange, development of a system of trails, pedestrian systems and open spaces which served to connect existing and new development to each other and a regional greenway system which includes the Appalachian Trail.

A plan implementation strategy was developed which synchronized proposed transportation infrastructure, existing land use life cycle and proposed land uses and amenities.


Botetourt County, VA
Botetourt County Economic Development
Physical and Zoning Analysis, Master Planning, Yield Studies, Community Input, Graphics
125 Acres