East Riverfront Improvements

For many years the East Riverfront area has been cited for future development to help unveil Richmond’s Riverfront properties. Recently developers have unveiled plans that will spur the development of this area including the Stone Brewing East Coast Production Facility and the Rapid Bus Transit System. LPDA is working as a sub-consultant to Whitman Requardt and Associates to provide the planning and design of pedestrian and safety improvements for East Main Street, the main roadway through the East Riverfront area. LPDA services are focused on creating a sense of place and a community identify, integrating pedestrian features, landscaping, lighting and gateways. LPDA developed a site with contextually appropriate palette of hardscape and landscape materials based on current city standards, master plans, site context and history. Streetscape elements included sidewalks with new materials (concrete, brick, concrete pavers, or a combination of these materials), tree replacement, trash receptacles, site furniture and decorative light poles with banners. The project will improve East Main Street and the transportation networks to accommodate current and future traffic volumes in the rapidly developing east end area of the City. The streetscape design integrates pedestrian and bicycle access to the City’s Riverfront and enlarges the area along the riverfront to include more developable acreage for recreational and open space activities.


Richmond, VA
City of Richmond, VA
Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, ARB Review
Approx. 1/2 Mile