College Avenue Promenade

College Avenue has historically been a defining boundary between the Virginia Tech campus and downtown Blacksburg. Recent Town and University plans highlighted the need to better utilize the space for residents, visitors and student activities. LPDA led a multidisciplinary team to design a lively “Promenade” which accommodated a variety of events and activities. The highly participatory design process resulted in a series of public spaces which form a pedestrian promenade and urban park, facilitating the link between Virginia Tech and downtown Blacksburg. Changes to vehicular access, addition of public event areas and al fresco dining greatly improve access, functionality and visibility of adjacent businesses. The park and promenade incorporates public art, LID stormwater features, festival space and pedestrian amenities. The project creates a living street with a series of multi-functional outdoor rooms. The palette of hardscape and landscape materials references the local vernacular, while accommodating recreational and business activities. LPDA’s services are on-going. Construction was completed in 2013.


Blacksburg, VA
Town of Blacksburg
Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Civil Engineering, Lighting Design, Local and VDOT Approvals
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