Clifton Streetscape Master Plan

Clifton Virginia is a historic, quaint and functional slice of Americana. Like many Virginia small towns it is defined, in part, by Main Street. In Clifton Main Street serves as a conduit for commerce, community interaction and transportation.

LPDA was hired to lead a multidisciplinary team to develop a master plan for Main Street. The master plan addressed the needs of business owners, citizens and visitors.

Proposed improvements included; new sidewalks, pedestrian amenities, pedestrian crossings, gateway signage, drainage modifications, period lighting and street trees.

The impact of the project will result in an improvement to the physical and aesthetic appearance of Main Street which is designated as a Scenic and Historic Byway and located within the Town’s historic district and central business district. Proposed landscaping and beautification will mitigate the negative impacts associated with this heavily traveled roadway. LPDA assisted town staff in preparing one of the highest ranking enhancement grant applications evaluated in the district.


Clifton, VA
Town of Clifton
Master Planning, Public Participation, Entitlements, Construction Documentation and Administration
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