Camp Morrison Planning Study

Originally used as infantry storage warehousing, Camp Morrison is a 100 acre industrial tract situated between Warwick Boulevard and the CSX rail lines just west of Historic Hilton Village. Once a vibrant rail served industrial center, the tract is experiencing high vacancy rates and dated facilities.
Through cooperation with the City of Newport News and the land owner, LPDA is facilitating the programming and planning of a mixed use / mixed density traditional community on grey field development.
To be proffered into Camp Morrison’s extensive networks of parks and open space amenities will be a planned site for a future light rail station that will serve as a public park.

Camp Morrison will provide multiple residential densities focusing higher densities around the planned rail station and lower densities to complement Historic Hilton Village as well as walkable linkages to existing commercial along Warwick Blvd and municipal facilities. The site program also includes an allocation for Flexible Research and Development space to support multiple users as well as convertible professional space.

LPDA is currently working on hosting design charrettes with the local community to develop and refine concept plans.


Newport News, VA
Hilton Commons
Land Planning, Entitlements, Concept Design
110 acres, 639 units