Brookhill is a 277 acre mixed-use development between Polo Grounds Road and the Forest Lakes Community on Route 29 in Albemarle County. The site offers direct access to nearby jobs, amenities and outdoor recreation.

LPDA was hired to prepare a land plan that met the intent of the County comprehensive plan designation for the property, while creating a market responsive mix of uses. Carefull attention was given to the scale, density, proximity and type of product in the commercial and residential areas so that an achievable and flexible proforma could be defined. LPDA also prepared openspace plans, 3D visualization and graphics which were used to supplement the planning process and rezoning application.

The  parcel was successfully rezoned from single-family residential to the county’s Neighbohood Model zoning. The new zoning allows for between 800 and 1,550 residential units and a maximum of 130,000 square feet for commercial use.


Albemarle County, VA
Riverbend Development, Inc.
Master Planning, Graphics, Visualization, Re-Zoning Support
277 Acres