Loudoun County Design Cabinet Receives AIA Virginia Honors Award

Many congratulations are in order for The Loudoun County Department of Economic Development who accepted the American Institute of Architect’s Virginia Honors award for the Loudoun County Design Cabinet at its Visions for Architecture gala recently.

The cabinet serves as a design incubator that assists Loudoun County on a variety of design-related projects like streetscape improvement, campus planning, sustainable design, and modifications to the Loudoun County Zoning Ordinance. With the success the team has had in improving so many aspects of Loudoun’s land development and sustainability, the group looks forward to helping recreate these efforts across the Commonwealth. LPDA Vice President Zac Lette contributes his time and expertise as a landscape architect and land planner, along with his knowledge of land use and land planning specific to Loudoun County. With ingenuity at the forefront, the Cabinet’s leadership motto is simple; “Good Design is Good Business.”

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