Kimley-Horn Expands Expertise and Strengthens Client Offerings with the Addition of LPDA

Enhances Landscape Architecture and Land Planning Services in the Mid-Atlantic Region

Dec. 04, 2023 – Kimley-Horn, a premier engineering, planning, and design consultancy with offices across the country, announced today it joined forces with LPDA, a leading landscape architecture and land planning firm. The addition of the experienced LPDA team enhances Kimley-Horn’s capabilities and furthers Kimley-Horn’s ability to provide unmatched services to clients throughout Virginia and the mid-Atlantic region.

With LPDA’s established reputation for excellence in landscape architecture and land planning and Kimley-Horn’s expansive national reach and expertise in planning and design consulting, this partnership brings together two respected consultancies committed to delivering exceptional client service and innovative solutions.

Steve Lefton, Kimley-Horn’s President and CEO, said, “LPDA’s strong reputation and talented team align perfectly with our commitment to delivering exceptional client service. We are excited about the opportunities this partnership brings and look forward to seeing all that the combined teams will create and deliver for our clients.”

The collaboration between LPDA and Kimley-Horn will enable the firms to leverage each other’s strengths, resulting in a comprehensive suite of services that will meet the evolving needs of clients. By combining their talented teams and resources, the firms will have the capacity to take on even the most complex projects, providing seamless and integrated solutions.

Bill Mechnick, LPDA’s President and Principal in Charge, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “After working with Kimley-Horn staff for years, it was obvious that LPDA’s core values to serve community and make places for people was mirrored in Kimley-Horn’s practice. Most importantly Kimley-Horn’s unwavering dedication to client service first is aligned perfectly as our main objective. Ultimately, this partnership allows us to better serve our communities and clients with truly integrated services and it elevates our capability and capacity as Landscape Architects and Land Planners to lead projects and make a positive impact on many levels.”

Zac Lette, LPDA’s Vice President and Managing Principal, added, “I have always admired the depth of portfolio and diversification that Kimley-Horn brings to its clients. Throughout my practice at LPDA, we have always tried to keep a similar model of work, so I am excited about continuing to work with our clients and having the ability to offer more services. Our best projects have been the ones that we have been able to see through from concept to construction. Delivering projects is our team’s passion so we are looking forward to having the enhanced capability of a nationally recognized firm.”

The LPDA team joined Kimley-Horn in December of 2023. Kimley-Horn and LPDA staff will now serve their clients with enhanced capabilities and capacity from the existing Kimley-Horn office in Reston, and the new Kimley-Horn offices in Williamsburg and Charlottesville.

Kimley-Horn serves both public and private sector clients. Adding the LPDA team highlights Kimley-Horn’s commitment to providing an expanded level of expertise to its real estate development partners; retail, residential, and commercial partners; and municipal and DOT partners across the country.

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