Patapsco Glen

Patapsco Glen is a Planned Unit Development in Baltimore County. Comprehensive Planned for growth within the County’s Urban Rural Demarkation Line (URDL) the site is nearby to the Social Security Administration’s large regional facility, I-695 and I-70.

LPDA was originally tasked with providing land planning that reflected the County’s housing goals of 10.5 dwelling units per acre, where previous efforts had come significantly short of that goal. The site conditions also limited extensive densities due to topography and sensitive forested areas. Throughout the planning effort, LPDA worked extensively with the Client to program appropriate architecture to work with the site conditions. The resulting plan approached the County’s goals for housing density close to major employment centers while maintaining the site’s unique natural characteristics. Throughout the site, parks and forest open space surround housing units. A Central Park space preserves several champion trees. The front of the site utilizes a neo-traditional approach to planning, allowing units to front on a local road and completing a streetscape with trails and monumentation.

LPDA completed this project through conceptual design and early yield studies through entitlements and construction documents. The first phase of construction is expected to start in Summer of 2019.


Baltimore County, MD
Land Planning, Community Visualization, Entitlements, Landscape Architecture, Construction Documents, Construction Administration
357 Units - 2.5 Million in Landscape and Park Construction