A Dream Come True Playground |Harrisonburg, VA

A Dream Come True Playground is a universally accessible playground in Harrisonburg, Va. The playground offers many unique play events that allow children of different abilities to play and interact in an inclusive environment. The playground has arching pathways and curvilinear planting areas providing a sense of mystery and wonder. The playground is rich with textures and sensorial variety, creating a space that stimulates involvement, interaction, and expression.

LPDA lead a programming and design process focused on assessing needs and perspective of user groups and families. The resulting park program included two large accessible playgrounds, a picnic and shelter area with game tables, and swings for all abilities, a sensory garden for touch and smell, an imaginative play area with play houses, a fire station and fire house, an ice cream shop and a weather station with working equipment, a shaded place to gather for story time or quiet time, a drawing wall, a seat wall filled with textural items to touch and play with, a sensory wall and water feature, a garden trellis
tunnel, a rainbow gate, and a ball toss and game area.

The park has become a regional attraction.

Size: 3 acres
Cost: $1,300,000