Woodstock Court House | Woodstock, VA

Built in 1795, Woodstock’s historic courthouse and court square has borne witness to our nation’s history from the revolutionary war to the present. It is the oldest courthouse still in use, west of the Blue Ridge.
In recent times, the courthouse, designed by Thomas Jefferson, had become obscured by dying trees and a broken concrete yard. The famous “Lawyers Row” had become little more than a muddy yard surrounded by the offices of local legal beagles.
LPDA was responsible for the detailed design, construction documents, and construction administration for the plaza and streetscape surrounding Woodstock’s historic courthouse. The improved downtown plaza serves as a major gathering point for community events and complements the historic nature of the courthouse. The associated streetscape is a gateway to town, adding light fixtures, street trees, and traffic calming measures. Integrated into the streetscape are plaques depicting historic events and places that act as historical interpretation and a wayfinding system.

Size: 1block
Cost: $1,500,000