James Hite Park Moves Forward

James Hite Park Moves Forward

James Hite Park is under construction for mass grading and the first phase of development. The park is a 113 acre site for the Jefferson County (WV) Parks and Recreation Commission (JCPRC). At completion the park will serve the athletic needs of the community for years to come featuring soccer, football, baseball, tennis, basketball and a skate park. The park also features an intensive program of passive recreation uses and trails.

LPDA worked with the JCPRC and community to develop the Vision and Master Plan leading community involvement, initial site investigations, and Phase I archaeological and environmental studies. LPDA also worked with the Client and our engineering consultants to develop offsite improvements for transportation and supported the project at the State Legislative level to secure funding for road improvements. At the completion of the Master Plan LPDA led a team of engineers to complete the final Site Plan approvals through the County and State Department of Highways and supported bidding to contractors.

Everyone involved understands the importance and need of this park to the community and is excited to see it continue to move forward.

Special thanks to Dave Hill with HRI for the great drone footage of construction.