Can playground safety surfacing be overdone?

Is it possible for playground surfacing to be too thick?

Can other uses impede the safety of rubberized surface?

LPDA is working with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) on the rehabilitation of the on campus playgrounds associated with the staff daycare.

After discovering sprawling along the surfacing of the existing rubber playground LPDA engaged ECS Limited to conduct corings. The discovery of the investigation was that the rubber surfacing had likely cracked and sprawled due to excessive depth. Another factor influencing the rehabilitation was the sandbox. The wildly popular sandbox with┬áthe daycare’s children was surrounded by rubber surfacing too. The sand carried onto the rubber surfacing was causing the rubber to lock-up, making it as hard as concrete.

Lessons learned? Dont surround sandboxes with rubber safety surfacing.

LPDA is currently working with HHMI on reprogramming the playground, sensory plantings, a refreshed landscape………..and some new safety surfacing.